Having trouble importing django-authopenid

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Hi, I have a project which works on one computer but does not work on another. The following is the error I'm getting on the second computer when importing django-authopenid.

{{{ ImproperlyConfigured: Error importing openid store django_authopenid.openid_store: "No module named draft" }}}

I have verified that the Python version is 2.6, Django verison is 1.2.1 and django-authopenid version is 1.0.1 on both computers.

Thank you for your help, charlie

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  1. Anonymous

    The issue seems to be traced to an older version of python_openid 2.2.3. I fixed the issue by forcing the upgrade of python_open id. You can type the following in the command line.

    sudo easy_install --upgrade python_openid
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