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Welcome to django-authopenid's documentation!

.. rubric:: Everything you need to know about django-authopenid

**django-authopenid** is a Django_ application that allow you to authenticate your users while using the django auth contrib.

This application allow a user to connect to you website with :

 * legacy account : username/password
 * openid url

Idee is having workflow to integrate openid and _legacy_ authentification.

If the user connect with an openid he could associate it with its legaccy account or just create a new django account. When the user is connected you could manage him like you usually do with `auth contrib <>`_ or `django-registration <>`_ which is the default.

Made by `Enki Multimedia <>`_ for one of our project and we decided to make it public.

.. _Django:


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* Follow development on `Bitbucket <>`_.
* Report bugs, report features and browse the source through `Tracker <>`_.

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