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django-authopenid / Installation


Installing with easy_install

The most recent release is always available in the cheeseshop and can be installed using easy_installl :

To install couchapp using easy_install you must make sure you have a recent version of setuptools installed (as of this writing, 0.6c6 (0.6a9 on windows) or later):

$ curl -O
$ sudo python -U setuptools

To install or upgrade to the latest released version of django-authopenid:

$ sudo easy_install -U django-authopenid

Installing from source

Alternatly, you can also install the development version from our `Mercurial repository:

$ hg clone
$ cd django-authopenid
 $ sudo python install

Last command will install django-authopenid as a package via setuptools. This will make it available in your python path. Alternately you can copy or symlink the django-authopenid subdirectory into your django project directory or anywhere in your PYTHONPATH.


To use django-authopenid you will need Python 2.5 or later, Django 1.0 or later and django-registration .