Django OAuth Client Application

This application provides a simple way to setup a tree-legged OAuth authentication for django.

It has been originally created for the default client of Bison Vert.

The code is avalaible under a BSD licence.


On you django application, add oauthclient to the app list:

    # your already installed apps

Please, note that you need to use the application, properly configured with your project default url. This is needed to redirect the user on you website once authenticated on the distant server.

Then, run syncdb, in order to create the tables that will store the token key and secrets you'll use for your application.:

$ python syncdb


Then, you can either go to the admin interface to set up the tokens and websites you want to use. For this purpose, you need to have an existant admin instance in your application.

You also can use the oauth_createtoken command

$ python oauthcreatetoken

Setting up the constants

You also need to set up your session key in your settings. It need to be unique within all your applications:

PERSISTENT_SESSION_KEY = 'unique persistant session key'


Now, you need to provide urls to access the oauthclient application, for your project. Here is a simple configuration:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    # your already existing urls
    (r'^oauth/', include('oauthclient.urls', namespace='oauth',
            app_name='yourappoauth'), {'identifier': 'yourappname'}),