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+This is a bare-skeleton Django application which demonstrates how you can
+add an API to your own applications.
+It's a simple blog application, with a "Blogpost" model, with an API on top
+of it. It has a fixture which contains a sample user (used as author and 
+for auth) and a couple of posts.
+You can get started like so:
+$ python syncdb (answer "no" when it asks for superuser creation)
+$ python runserver
+Now, the test user has authentication info:
+Username: testuser
+Password: foobar
+The API is accessible via '/api/posts'. You can try it with curl:
+$ curl -u testuser:foobar ""
+- author: {absolute_uri: /users/testuser/, username: testuser}
+  content: This is just a sample post.
+  content_length: 27
+  created_on: 2009-04-27 04:55:23
+  title: Sample blogpost 1
+- author: {absolute_uri: /users/testuser/, username: testuser}
+  content: This is yet another sample post.
+  content_length: 32
+  created_on: 2009-04-27 04:55:33
+  title: Another sample post
+That's an authorized request, and the user gets back privileged information.
+$ curl "" 
+- {content: This is just a sample post., created_on: !!timestamp '2009-04-27 04:55:23',
+  title: Sample blogpost 1}
+- {content: This is yet another sample post., created_on: !!timestamp '2009-04-27
+    04:55:33', title: Another sample post}
+You can check out how this is done in the 'api' directory.
+Also, there's plenty of documentation on
+Have fun!