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Jesper Nøhr  committed 4682426

popping with None as fallback, otherwise we get KeyError

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         since that pretty much makes sense. Refer to `Mimer` for
         that as well.
-        em = kwargs.pop('emitter_format')
+        em = kwargs.pop('emitter_format', None)
         if not em:
             em = request.GET.get('format', 'json')
         # Support emitter both through (?P<emitter_format>) and ?format=emitter.
         em_format = self.determine_emitter(request, *args, **kwargs)
-        kwargs.pop('emitter_format')
+        kwargs.pop('emitter_format', None)
         # Clean up the request object a bit, since we might
         # very well have `oauth_`-headers in there, and we