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curl set the right header.

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         if put:
             headers.setdefault('Expect', '100-continue')
-        if method in ['POST', 'PUT']:
-            body = body or ''
-            if not hasattr(body, 'read'):
-                headers.setdefault('Content-Length', str(len(body))) 
         c = pycurl.Curl()
             # set curl options
             if method in ('POST','PUT'):
                 if hasattr(body, 'read'):
-                    content_length = int(headers.get('Content-Length',
+                    content_length = int(headers.pop('Content-Length',
                     content = body
                     content = StringIO.StringIO(body)
+                    if 'Content-Length' in headers:
+                        del headers['Content-Length']
                     content_length = len(body)
                 if put:
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