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benoitc  committed b299ae9

forgot this line. also remove Chunked default

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         is_unicode = True
         if body and body is not None and 'Content-Length' not in headers:
-            headers.setdefault("Transfer-Encoding", "chunked")
             if isinstance(body, file):
                     'the length of the data parameter. Specify a value for '
+            headers['Content-Length'] = size
             if 'Content-Type' not in headers:
                 type = None
                 if hasattr(body, 'name'):
                     type = mimetypes.guess_type(data.name)[0]
                 headers['Content-Type'] = type and type or 'application/octet-stream'
             resp, data = self.transport.request(self.make_uri(uri, path, **params), 
                 method=method, body=body, headers=_headers)