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no need to retest httplib2 based client

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 import urlparse
-from restclient.http import CurlHTTPClient, HTTPLib2HTTPClient
+from restclient.http import CurlHTTPClient
 from import Resource, RestClient, RequestFailed, \
 ResourceNotFound, Unauthorized
 from _server_test import HOST, PORT
 class HTTPClientTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
-    httpclient = HTTPLib2HTTPClient()
+    httpclient = CurlHTTPClient()
     def setUp(self):
         self.url = 'http://%s:%s' % (HOST, PORT)
         result = self.res.delete('/delete')
         self.assert_(result.http_code == 200)
-class CurlHTTPClientTestCase(HTTPClientTestCase):
-    httpclient = CurlHTTPClient()
     def testAuth(self):
         httpclient = self.httpclient 
         httpclient.add_credentials("test", "test")
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