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add test in case authentification is bad.

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             if self.status_code == 404:
                 raise ResourceNotFound(error)
-            elif self.status_code == 401:
+            elif self.status_code == 401 or self.status_code == 403:
                 raise Unauthorized
                 raise RequestFailed((self.status_code, error))


                 auth = self.headers['Authorization'][len('Basic')+1:]
                 auth = base64.b64decode(auth).split(':')
-                self._respond(200, extra_headers, "ok")
+                if auth[0] == "test" and auth[1] == "test":
+                    self._respond(200, extra_headers, "ok")
+                else:
+                    self._respond(403, extra_headers, "niet!")
                 [('Content-type', 'text/plain')], "Not Found" )


 from restclient.http import Urllib2HTTPClient, CurlHTTPClient, \
 from import Resource, RestClient, RequestFailed, \
+ResourceNotFound, Unauthorized
 from _server_test import HOST, PORT
 class HTTPClientTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
         result = res.get('/auth')
         self.assert_(res.status_code == 200)
+        httpclient.add_credentials("test", "test2")
+        def niettest():
+            res = Resource(self.url, httpclient)
+            result = res.get('/auth')
+        self.assertRaises(Unauthorized, niettest)
 class HTTPLib2HTTPClientTestCase(HTTPClientTestCase):
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