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.. _installation:


The most recent release is always available in the `cheeseshop`_ and can be
installed using `easy_install`_::

    easy_install py-restclient

Alternatly, you can also install the development version from 
our `Mercurial`_ repository::

    hg clone
    cd python-restclient
    sudo python install

Last command will install pthon-restclient as a package via setuptools. This
will make it available in your python path. Alternately you can copy or symlink
the simplecouchdb subdirectory into your site-packages directory or
anywhere in your PYTHONPATH.

You could also get source from  `Bitbucket`_ ::

    hg clone


To use py-restclient you will need **Python 2.5** or later and
`Httplib2`_ :: . 

.. _cheeseshop:
.. _easy_install:
.. _Mercurial:
.. _Bitbucket:
.. _Httplib2: