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some fixes

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File friendpaste/

         return unidiff, tabular, previous
     def with_revisions(cls, db, pasteid, revid):
-        rows = cls.view(db, '_view/paste/with_revisions', startkey=[pasteid,0])
+        rows = cls.view(db, '_view/paste/with_revisions', startkey=[pasteid,0], endkey=[pasteid, 1])
         print rows
         results = list(iter(rows))
         print results

File friendpaste/

 def view_revisions(request, id):
     snippet, revisions = Paste.with_revisions(local.db, id, request.values.get('rev'))
+    revisions = [snippet] + revisions
     if 'application/json' in request.accept_mimetypes:
         if revisions and revisions is not None:      
             return send_json([rev._data for rev in revisions])

File templates/paste/diff.html

 <br />
-    <form action="/{{ snippet['_id'] }}" method="get">
+    <form action="/{{ snippet.pasteid }}" method="get">
         <input type="submit" value="Back to the paste..." />

File templates/paste/view.html

 <div id="revisions" class="hidden">
-    <h2><a href="/{{ snippet.pasteid }}" class="root">{{ snippet.paseid }}</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;{% if snippet.title %}{{ snippet.title }}{% else %}No title{% endif %}</h2>
+    <h2><a href="/{{ snippet.pasteid }}" class="root">{{ snippet.pasteid }}</a>&nbsp;/&nbsp;{% if snippet.title %}{{ snippet.title }}{% else %}No title{% endif %}</h2>
     <p>last change {{ snippet.updated|datetimeformat }} (UTC)</p>
     <h3>Older revisions</h3>
     <table class="revisionstable">