Pypaste / INSTALL

Installation instruction for friendpaste

Requirements :
 * CouchDB 7.2 & above 
 * couchdb-python (
 * werkzeug (, use hg last tip
 * jinja (, use hg last tip
 * wtforms (, 
   use hg last tip
 * pygments 0.8 (

Code source here :
hg clone

By default friendpaste dev version use a database named 
"friendpaste" and couchdb on "http://localhost:5984". 
You could change it in file.

First start :
The first time you use Friendpaste, you need to setup its database:
python setup

then run friendpaste.

To launch friendpaste :

python runserver (or shell if you want a shell)

The first time, this script is launched database and views are created.

Use Friendpaste with fastcgi :

Just point your webserver to friendpaste.cgi. 
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