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{% block title %}About Friendpaste{% endblock %}

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<h1>About Friendpaste</h1>

<h2>Why another pastebin ?</h2>

    <li><em><strong>Short answer:</strong></em>
    <p>Because we could do better</p></li>

    <li><em><strong>Long answer :</strong></em>
    <p>Enki Multimedia launched in september the website <a href="">Friendsnippets</a> a website where you can keep your snippets in one place, bookmark them for yourself or friends. And it seem that friendsnippets need a companion. <strong>A fast service where you can copy/paste your code, recipe, anything else and give the link to your friend.</strong></p>
    <p><strong>So we dit it.</strong></p>
    <p>It would have been easy to just take some features from pastebin around and create friendpaste. But we decided that we could do better. In particularly by designing a better interface. We also added some interresting features.</p>



    <li>clean an intuitive user interface</li>
    <li>choice of colorscheme for sourcecode</li>
    <li>select your preferred languages</li>
    <li>possibility to edit pastes</li>
    <li>support for a large number of syntaxes</li>
    <li>persistent pastes</li>
    <li>diff between paste</li>
    <li>instant reviews</li>
And the best is coming... Follow news of Friendpaste on <a href="">twitter</a>.

<h2>How is build friendpaste ?</h2>

    <li><strong>No SQL database</strong>. We use the new and powerfull document based database <a href=""><strong>Apache CouchDB</strong></a>.</li>
    <li><a href="">pygments</a> for syntax highlighting</li>
    <li><a href="http://jinja.pocoo.orh">Jinja</a> to manage templates</li>
    <li><a href="">Werkzeug</a> a powerful and simple web framework</li>
    <li><a href="">base2</a> for javascript</li>
    <li><a href="">orbited</a> for all messaging service</li>
    <li><a href="">couchdb-python</a> couchdb python library</li>
    <li><a href="">Apache CouchDb</a> a new but powerfool document based database.</li>


<strong>check out or browse the source using <a href="">mercurial</a></strong> or on <strong><a href="">bitbucket</a></strong>.

<h2>Who ?</h2>

Friendpaste has been produced by <a href="">Enki Multimedia</a>.


<p><strong>There is no logging on Friendpaste.</strong> Cookie is only used to store your preferences. Period. </p>
<p>So use it freely and don't hesitate to share it with your friends ;)</p>


{% endblock %}