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File doc/build/changelog/changelog_08.rst

       Added a new method :meth:`.Engine.execution_options`
       to :class:`.Engine`.  This method works similarly to
-      :class:`.Connection.execution_options` in that it creates
+      :meth:`.Connection.execution_options` in that it creates
       a copy of the parent object which will refer to the new
       set of options.   The method can be used to build
       sharding schemes where each engine shares the same

File lib/sqlalchemy/engine/

                 current_shard ="current_shard", None)
                 if current_shard != shard_id:
-                    cursor.execute("use %%s" %% shards[shard_id])
+                    cursor.execute("use %s" % shards[shard_id])
           ["current_shard"] = shard_id
         .. seealso::