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Updated sybase testing requirements

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     The Sybase dialect functions on current SQLAlchemy versions
     but is not regularly tested, and may have many issues and
-    caveats not currently handled.   In particular, the table
-    and database reflection features are not implemented.
+    caveats not currently handled.
 import operator
         return 'DATEPART("%s", %s)' % (
                             field, self.process(extract.expr, **kw))
+    def visit_now_func(self, fn, **kw):
+        return "GETDATE()"
     def for_update_clause(self, select):
         # "FOR UPDATE" is only allowed on "DECLARE CURSOR"
         # which SQLAlchemy doesn't use


     def _set_has_events(self, value):
         self.__dict__['_has_events'] = value
-    _has_events = property(_get_has_events, _set_has_events)
+    _has_events = property(_get_has_events, _set_has_events)


         after an insert() construct executes.
         return fails_on_everything_except('mysql+mysqldb', 'mysql+oursql',
-                                       'sqlite+pysqlite', 'mysql+pymysql',
-                                       'mssql+pyodbc', 'mssql+mxodbc')
+                                      'sqlite+pysqlite', 'mysql+pymysql',
+                                      'sybase', 'mssql+pyodbc', 'mssql+mxodbc')
     def implements_get_lastrowid(self):