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Updated the readme with a link to the new version of the docs.

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 Specifying views and urls as secure is supported as are `flatpages`_. `Fastcgi`_
 and HTTP proxy setups are also well supported. See the documentation at:
-* English: http://beproud.bitbucket.org/bpssl-1.0/en/
-* 日本語: http://beproud.bitbucket.org/bpssl-1.0/ja/
+* English: http://beproud.bitbucket.org/bpssl-1.0.2/en/
+* 日本語: http://beproud.bitbucket.org/bpssl-1.0.2/ja/
 bpssl draws inspiration from the well known SSL Middleware snippets on
 djangosnippets.org. It roughly supports the features of the following