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This bot scrapes data from and notifies registered skype rooms with information about earthquakes in Japan.

This bot does not provide advanced warning for earthquakes

It only notifies a skype room after has been updated and generally provides information on an earthquake within a few minutes.


You need to install django-skypehub and set it up based on the instructions in that project.

Add 'earthquake' to your installed apps:


The earthquake bot supports a number of options:

    (u'東京', '*', u'渋谷区'),
    (u'岩手', '*', '*'),

SKYPE_EARTHQUAKE_POLL_INTERVAL is the interval that is polled in seconds. Do not set this too low as it will increase your server resources and may block you or this bot altogether. The defalt value is 30 seconds.

SKYPE_EARTHQUAKE_PLACES is a three tuple of places affected by the earthquake for which you wish to report. The format is prefecture, area, district as given in the intensity table at A special value of '*' is supported which matches all values. The default value of this settting is (('*','*','*'),) which reports on all places.

SKYPE_EARTHQUAKE_MIN_MAGNITUDE is the minimum magnitude to report. If SKYPE_EARTHQUAKE_PLACES is specified this will check the magnitude of the specified places rather than the maximum magnitude of the earthquake.


Register a room with the bot by typing:

#earthquake on

The bot will register the room and begin notifying when earthquakes happen in Japan. You can also use '#earthquake off' to de-register a chat room.

The #earthquake command will give info about the last earthquake event.