==================== cmsplugin-nivoslider ==================== Beautiful image and content slider plugin. Shows the widely used jQuery Nivo slider plugin from Features: - Easily upload dozens of images thanks to django-filer; - HTML description for each image; - Four default nivo slider theme choices; - User selection of nivo parameters: themes, animation, manual advance, thumbnails, etc; - Auto-discovering of custom nivo themes on static dirs. Requires: - `django-CMS <>`_ (tested with 2.3) - `django-filer <>`_ (tested with 0.9a1) Installation ============ #. `pip install cmsplugin_nivoslider` #. Add `'cmsplugin_nivoslider'` to `INSTALLED_APPS` #. Add ``'cmsplugin_nivoslider.thumbnail_processors.pad_image',`` to your ``THUMBNAIL_PROCESSORS`` (before ``autocrop``) #. Run `./ syncdb` (or `./ migrate cmsplugin_nivoslider` if you are using South) You need to have correctly configured staticfiles for autodiscovering and using themes. If you use South < 1.0, you will have to specify the migrations path using: .. code-block:: python SOUTH_MIGRATION_MODULES = { 'cmsplugin_nivoslider': 'cmsplugin_nivoslider.south_migrations', } Upgrading to 0.4 ================ On version 0.4, we have dropped the custom image albums in behalf of django-filer Folders. So if you are upgrading from a previous version, you will have to upload again your images to a filer folder. Using a custom or downloaded theme ================================== When reloading your Django app, the plugin will search for themes on the following static dir: `nivo/themes/`. So all you need to do is putting your theme plugin on `static/nivo/themes/pluginname` dir of some app of your Django project. So after collectstatic, theme will be available under the directory: `STATIC_ROOT/nivo/themes/pluginname` And will be found by cmsplugin_nivoslider. :Authors: - Bernardo Cabezas serra - - - Bertrand Bordage - :Initial version date: 2012/03/14