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Uses transparent instead of black padding.

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 # Solution found there:
-import Image
+import ImageChops
 def pad_image(image, **kwargs):
     'Pad an image to make it the same aspect ratio of the desired thumbnail.'
         return image
-        # Black background
-        new_image = image.resize(new_image_size)
-        new_image.paste((0, 0, 0, 0))
-        new_image.paste(image, (left, top))
+        # Converts the image to add an alpha layer.
+        image = image.convert('RGBA')
+        # Resizes the image.
+        image = image.crop((0, 0, new_image_size[0], new_image_size[1]))
+        # Adds an offset to center the image.
+        new_image = ImageChops.offset(image, left, top)
         return new_image
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