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Sorry for creating an issue again for this, i'm sure it's a small thing, but i just don't get it and don't know how to contact you else.

Alle the pictures in my folder are displayed one below the other. I am sure that my jquery and css files are read correctly. But is there another file i need to link from the nivo folder itself? The installation and everything worked fine. I think the problem is a missing function or something. Please help!

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Anonymous

    and if i link the css and js file located in the nivo folder in my template, then the page is empty, no picture is displayed

  2. Anonymous

    If it helps this is whats in my <head> tag

            <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="{{ STATIC_URL }}style.css"/>
            <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="{{ STATIC_URL }}nivo/nivo-slider.css"/>
            <script type="text/javascript" src="{{ STATIC_URL }}jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script>
            <script type="text/javascript" src="{{ STATIC_URL }}nivo/js/jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js"></script>
  3. Bernardo Cabezas Serra repo owner


    ¿What are these head tags? Have you added this to your template? Eliminate them. You don't need to include any nivo slider css nor js. The django-cms plugin will include it for you, making use of django-sekizai.

    Your template should be plugin-agnostic, it means: no need to include any requirement for a a plugin. You don't mind what kind of plugin would have your template placeholder. django cms will include requirements of the plugin for you.

    If this was the problem, maybe you may need to read a bit more about plugins and django-sekizai ;)


  4. Anonymous

    Yes but if I eliminate them all the pictures are displayed one below another. What could be the problem there? Am 20.09.2013 11:25 schrieb "Bernardo Cabezas Serra" <

  5. Bernardo Cabezas Serra repo owner

    Sorry, I can't help you with this data.

    If you configure plugin following all cms plugin ghidelines, and have django-sekizai installed (see documentation), plugin should work.

    Remove all things not following stantards as hedaders you added.

    Then you should see some eerror. Maybe media error (visible in firebug or similar), or javascript error (visible in javascript console).

    If you do not inform of these precise errors, we can't help you.

    "pictures displayed one below another" lacks info details. Can't help you. It enven could be a problem with your main application css, and not a plugin problem. ¿Do you have css related to nivo in your main css?


  6. Anonymous

    I installed it with the guides and removed the heads. I see in firebug that the code from nivo is added normally, there are no errors displayed. No in my main css i dont have any nivo related stuff The only JavaScript error I get in the console is this one:

    [13:32:44.001] SyntaxError: Using //@ to indicate source map URL pragmas is deprecated. Use //# instead @

    But this is in the jquery file can this be the error?

    When I run pyhton cms check I get 3 errors related to sekizai

      - Sekizai is installed [OK]
      - Sekizai template context processor is installed [OK]
      - Sekizai namespaces 'js' and 'css' not found in 'homepage.html' [ERROR]
      - Sekizai namespaces 'js' and 'css' not found in 'subpage.html' [ERROR]
    Sekizai configuration has errors [ERROR]

    subpage.html and homepage.html are my templates

    Can this help?

    I am sorry I am really new to Django...

    Thanks in advance


  7. Anonymous

    Ok I tried this but didn't get it. This is my homepage.html template. Is it necessary to create a template called base? because I don't have a base.html, I did it directly into the homepage.html Shouldn't it work like this?

    {% load cms_tags %}
    {% load menu_tags %}
    {% load staticfiles %}
    {% load cms_tags sekizai_tags %}
            <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="{{ STATIC_URL }}style.css"/>
            <script type="text/javascript" src="{{ STATIC_URL }}jquery-1.10.2.min.js"></script>
            {% render_block "css" %}
            {% cms_toolbar %}
            {% render_block "js" %}
            <div id="header">
                <div id="logo" height="150px"><img src="{{ STATIC_URL }}logo.png"/></div>
                <div id="main_navi">
                        <li><a href="/">Home</a></li>
                        <li><a href="/news">News</a></li>
                        <li><a href="/products">Products</a></li>
                        <li><a href="/application">Application</a></li>
                        <li><a href="/about">About</a></li>
            <div id="content">
                <div id="slider">{% placeholder slider %}</div>
                <div id="direct_link_left">{% placeholder direct_link_left %}</div>
                <div id="direct_link_middle">{% placeholder direct_link_middle %}</div>
                <div id="direct_link_right">{% placeholder direct_link_right %}</div>
            <div id="footer">
                <div id="adress">F&P Personal Robotics | Früh & Partner Corp. | Untermoostrasse 24 | CH-8355 Aadorf</div>
                <div id="service">Help | FAQ | Service | Contact <div id="small_logo"><img src="{{ STATIC_URL }}logo_klein.png"/></div></div>
  8. Anonymous

    Because now the errors of the cms check are gone. But it still does not work on the page. After adding your suggestions the all the pictures disappeared, the div where the slider should be is empty.

  9. Bernardo Cabezas Serra repo owner

    Hi, No, can't see error, cause I only see your html. I can't help you with django-cms base things.

    It's not mandatory to extend base.html, so your code shoud work. You could test some other plugin, and see if works in order to discard general plugin problems.

    Ah, you are importing cms_tags two times.

  10. Anonymous

    Hi bercab,

    Now i saw my problem, i did not specify the height and width of the plugin. Now the plugin appears but it just loads it the slides do not appear. I linked the correct folder. Here you see an image it always looks like this: Can you help me with this? I am really sorry about harassing you with this all the time...

  11. Bernardo Cabezas Serra repo owner

    Is there any error on media in firebug? js console? are images appearing on source html? Sure you must see a problem here. please check all this before sending report..

    if media problem: Are you filer images public? If you have permissions enabled on Filer, images should be made public.

    As i stated, we can't help if you send png. I can only help if you send more explicit problems..

  12. Anonymous

    Ok for your Questions: 1. Firebug --> no errors 2. js console --> Just the following error: "[15:12:03.496] SyntaxError: Using //@ to indicate source map URL pragmas is deprecated. Use //# instead @" 3. Pictures are do appear in the HTML, also if I take out the link and open it in the browser the image appears normally. 4. I have not enabled Permissions in Filer 5. A new error appears on the console when i start the server: Deprecation Warning, Explicitly define a tree manager, could it be that?

    Should I try to activate permissions an then set the folder to public?

  13. Anonymous

    Ok now I finally found some js errors! :DD "Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined in jquery.nivo.slider.pack.js:10"

  14. Anonymous

    Ok now I analyzed the whole thing a bit. I saw now that the loading.gif is assigned as a background for the div container where the slider is, and the pictures should show up in front of it. But the pictures do not show up, so my opinion is that there is some javascript code not running... Where do I find the part where the slider is started?

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