cmsplugin-nivoslider / README.rst


Beautiful image and content slider plugin. Shows the widely used jQuery Nivo slider plugin from

  • Easily upload dozens of images thanks to django-filer;
  • HTML description for each image;
  • Four default nivo slider theme choices;
  • User selection of nivo parameters: themes, animation, manual advance, thumbnails, etc;
  • Auto-discovering of custom nivo themes on static dirs.


  1. pip install cmsplugin_nivoslider
  2. Add 'cmsplugin_nivoslider' to INSTALLED_APPS
  3. Run syncdb or ./ migrate cmsplugin_nivoslider if using south

You need to have correctly configured staticfiles for autodiscovering and using themes

Using a custom or downloaded theme

When reloading your django app, the plugin will search for themes on the following static dir: nivo/themes/

So all you need to do is puting your theme plugin on static/nivo/themes/pluginname dir of some app of your django project.

So after collectstatic, theme wil be available under the directory: STATIC_ROOT/nivo/themes/pluginname And will be found by cmsplugin_nivoslider.

Initial version date:


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