Antonio Cuni  committed c454f73

revert changes that were commited by mistake in d7b6bd1b8284

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File lib-python/2.7.0/idlelib/

 from idlelib.Delegator import Delegator
 from idlelib.configHandler import idleConf
-DEBUG = True
+DEBUG = False
 def any(name, alternates):
     "Return a named group pattern matching list of alternates."
     colorizing = False
     def notify_range(self, index1, index2=None):
-        print 'notify_range'
         self.tag_add("TODO", index1, index2)
         if self.after_id:
             if DEBUG: print "colorizing already scheduled"

File lib-python/2.7.0/idlelib/

         self.delegate = delegate
         self.__cache = {}
-    def __nonzero__(self):
-        return True
     def __getattr__(self, name):
         attr = getattr(self.delegate, name) # May raise AttributeError
         setattr(self, name, attr)