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David Schneider  committed f8185b0

Around calls save only registers that are going to be used afterwards

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File pypy/jit/backend/arm/helper/assembler.py

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     def _filter_regs(self, regs_to_save, vfp_regs_to_save):
         regs = []
         for box, reg in self.regalloc.rm.reg_bindings.iteritems():
-            if reg in regs_to_save or reg is r.ip:
+            if reg is r.ip or (reg in regs_to_save and self.regalloc.stays_alive(box)):
         self.regs = regs
         regs = []
         for box, reg in self.regalloc.vfprm.reg_bindings.iteritems():
-            if reg in vfp_regs_to_save:
+            if reg in vfp_regs_to_save and self.regalloc.stays_alive(box):
         self.vfp_regs = regs