another-pypy / lib-python / win32-failures.txt

Full commit
These tests currently fail on win32:

test_cmd_line       [Done]
test_hmac           [done]
test_old_mailbox    test_from_regex fails probably because of seek() and tell() issues
                      (test passes if file is opened in binary mode)
test_os             - test_access: this test seems flaky
test_popen2         [Done]
test_site           TODO: implement _locale at interp_level
test_unicode_file   TODO: implement unicode filesystem.
test_univnewlines   TODO: big mess in rlib/; first try to fix
                    test_readline_mixed_with_read() in pypy/module/_file/test/

- Windows os modules raises WindowsError instead of OSError for most errors.
  To do this, we need to know the Windows error number to set in th