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 from pypy.rlib.objectmodel import we_are_translated
 from pypy.rlib.objectmodel import current_object_addr_as_int, compute_hash
 from pypy.rlib.jit import hint, purefunction_promote, we_are_jitted
-from pypy.rlib.jit import purefunction, dont_look_inside, unroll_safe
+from pypy.rlib.jit import purefunction, dont_look_inside
 from pypy.rlib.rarithmetic import intmask, r_uint
 # from compiler/
                     return w_value
         return None
-    @unroll_safe
     def _lookup(w_self, key):
         space =
         for w_class in w_self.mro_w:
                 return w_value
         return None
-    @unroll_safe
     def _lookup_where(w_self, key):
         # like lookup() but also returns the parent class in which the
         # attribute was found