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-There was upon a time
-<h2>a boy named Andres</h2>
-He wanted to learn programing
+<h2>quick review</h2>
+<p>I just want to see how it goes with all this just trying out, making sure
+everything falls on its place. Now, i just placed my first image!</p>
+<img src="landscape.jpg" width="400" height="400" alt="oops">
-h1 {color:green}
-p {color:blue}
+h1 {color:red}
+h1 {text-align:center}
+h2 {text-align:center}
+p {color:blue}
+p {text-indent:50px}
+p {text-align:center}
+body {background-color:rgb(184,184,184);}