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 type 'a create_t = 'a PaplEdge.t PaplIncrConstraint.create_t
-(** {2 Constructors and operations} *)
+(** {2 Constructors} *)
 val constrain_by_subdivision :
   'a PaplConstraint.t ->
     The cost of the constraint equals the current length of the subsegments.
+(** {2 Utilities} *)
 val constrain_path : 'a create_t -> 'a list -> PaplIncrConstraint.t
    Prioritized checking of a path.


   ('a pair_t, 'result) t ->
   ('a region_t pair_t, 'result) t
-(** {3 Trajectory planner operations} *)
+(** {2 Trajectory planning} *)
 module Trajectory : sig
   val of_metric :
-(** {3 Path planner module types} *)
+(** {2 Path planner module types} *)
 module type BIDIR = sig
   type q_t
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