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bergsoe  committed 430fe07

Use PaplRandom instead of BatRandom.

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       BatEnum.from_while make
 let distribute_by_weight pairs =
-  distribute_by_weight_helper BatRandom.enum_float pairs
+  distribute_by_weight_helper PaplRandom.enum_float pairs
 let uniform_helper enum_fun (a, b) =
   if a > b then BatEnum.empty ()
 let get_uniform range =
   get_uniform_helper BatRandom.float range
-let uniform = uniform_helper BatRandom.enum_float
+let uniform = uniform_helper PaplRandom.enum_float
 let uniform_int_helper enum_fun (a, b) =
   if a >= b then BatEnum.empty ()
   else if a = b - 1 then BatEnum.repeat a
   else BatEnum.map ((+) a) (enum_fun (b - a))
-let uniform_int = uniform_int_helper BatRandom.enum_int
+let uniform_int = uniform_int_helper PaplRandom.enum_int
 (* Given a function that returns pairs (x, y), construct a caching function that
    returns first x and then y.