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 val constrain_intermediary :
   'a PaplConstraint.t -> 'a PaplInterpolate.intermediary_t -> 'a t
+(** Given an edge [(a, b)], the edge constraint [constrain_intermediary constr
+    intermediary] calls [intermediary] to produce a stream of points connecting
+    [a] to [b] and verifies the points by [constr].
 val constrain_steps :
   'a PaplConstraint.t ->
     The interpolator [interpolate q_interpolate] interpolates the configuration
     part with [q_interpolate] and the time part with standard linear
-    interpolation for floats ({! Intermediate.Float.interpolate}).
+    interpolation for floats ({! PaplInterpolate.Float.interpolate}).
 (** {2 Constraints} *)