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   type node_t
   val create : unit -> t
+    (** Construct a new index.
+    *)
   val add : t -> node_t -> q_t -> node_t
+    (** [add index parent q] adds to the index a node that contains the value
+        [q] and has a link to the node [parent]. The function returns the
+        resulting node.
+    *)
   val add_root : t -> q_t -> node_t
+    (** [add_root index q] adds a root node containing the value [q] to the
+        index and returns the resulting node.
+    *)
   val connect : t -> q_t -> node_t option
+    (** [connect index q] searches the index for a node suitable for connecting
+        to the configuration [q]. The function returns [Some node] if such a
+        node is found and [None] otherwise.
+        The [connect] function does not necessarily verify that the motion from
+        [node] to [q] is indeed acceptable. The function only gives its opinion
+        about what node of the index is reasonable for such a connection.
+    *)
 module type S = sig
     val get_mark : q_t -> PaplIndex.BruteForce.mark_t
-  module EST : sig
+  module UnbiasedEST : sig
     module type SETUP = SETUP
     module type SETUP_DLT = SETUP_DLT
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