papl_yaobi / _oasis

OASISFormat: 0.2
OCamlVersion: >= 3.12
Name: Papl_yaobi
Version: 0.0.0
Synopsis: Yaobi wrapper for Papl
Authors: Anders Lau Olsen
Copyrights: (C) 2012 Anders Lau Olsen
License: BSD3
LicenseFile: LICENSE
BuildTools: ocamlbuild
  META (0.2),
  StdFiles (0.2)

XStdFilesREADME: false
XStdFilesREADMEFilename: README.txt
XStdFilesINSTALL: true
XStdFilesINSTALLFilename: INSTALL.txt
XStdFilesAUTHORS: false
XStdFilesAUTHORSFilename: AUTHORS.txt


Library papl_yaobi
  Build$: flag(is_native)
  CompiledObject: native
  Path:	    src
  Modules:  PaplYaobi
  CSources: yaobi_stub.c
  CCLib:    -lc_yaobi -lyaobi -lstdc++
  Install:  true
  BuildDepends: papl, batteries, threads
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