This software is open source software licensed under GPL3, as found in the COPYING file.


A list of known contributors can be found in the CONTRIBUTORS file. New maintainers should list themselves there as it is not automatically updated.


This project requires CMake to be built. It also requires the following libraries:

  • OpenGL
  • storm (stormlib by Ladislav Zezula)
  • Boost
  • Qt 5

Further following libraries are required for MySQL GUID Storage builts:

  • LibMySQL
  • MySQLCPPConn


  • install msvc++
  • install cmake
  • install boost via (any version from the last years should work. be sure to pick the right compiler version! cmake may not support the latest version) to <boost-install>
  • install Qt5 via to <Qt-install>
  • download stormlib from (any recent version)
  • [stormlib] open CMake GUI
  • configure, generate stormlib (save the cache entry CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX path somewhere, set it to a empty folder if not present; no other things should need to be configured)
  • open solution with visual studio
  • build ALL_BUILD, then INSTALL, do it for both release and debug
  • [noggit] open CMake GUI
  • set cache entry CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH (path) to <Qt-install>;<stormlib-build>, e.g. C:/Qt/5.6/msvc2015;<Stormlib's CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX path>
  • set cache entry BOOST_ROOT (path) to <boost-install>, e.g. C:/local/boost_1_60_0
  • put the lib in BOOST_ROOT/lib so that cmake finds them automatically or set BOOST_LIBRARYDIR to where your lib are (.dll and .lib)
  • set cache entry CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX (path) to a empty destination, e.g. C:/Users/loerwald/Documents/noggitinstall
  • configure, generate
  • open solution with visual studio
  • build ALL_BUILD

To launch noggit you will need the following dll from qt (Qt/X.X/msvcXXXX/bin): * release: Qt5Core, Qt5OpenGL, Qt5Widgets, Qt5Gui * debug: Qt5Cored, Qt5OpenGLd, Qt5Widgetsd, Qt5Guid


Feel free to ask the owner of the official repository ( for write access or fork and post a pull request.

There is a bug tracker at which should be used.


Following is an example for file src/noggit/ui/foo_ban.h. .cpp files are similar.

// This file is part of Noggit3, licensed under GNU General Public License (version 3).
// First Lastname <MAIL@ADDRESS>

//! \note Include guard shall be the full path except for src/.

//! \note   Use  fully   qualified  paths.   Standard   >  external
//! dependencies > own.
#include <noggit/bar.h>

//! \note Namespaces equal directories. (java style packages.)
namespace noggit
  namespace ui
    //! \note Lower case,  underscore separated. Classes might have
    //! a _type suffix (even though being against the standard)
    class foo_ban : public QWidget

      //! \note  Long  parameter  list.   Would  be  more  than  80
      //! chars.  Break  with comma  in  front.  Use  spaces to  be
      //! aligned below the braces.
      foo_ban ( type const& name
              , type_2 const& name_2
              , type const& name3
        : QWidget (nullptr)
      //! \note Prefer initialization lists over assignment.
        , _var (name)

      //! \note Use const where possible. No space between name and
      //! braces when no arguments are given.
      void render() const;

      //! \note If you really need getters and setters, your design
      //! might be broken.
      type const& var() const
        return _var;
      //! \note One  might use setter chaining.  (just as operator=
      //! returns the assigned value)
      type const& var (type const& var_)
        return _var = var_;

      //! \note Prefer const (references) where possible.
      bazs_type count_some_numbers ( const size_t& begin
                                   , const size_t& end
                                   ) const
        bazs_type bazs;

        //! \note  Prefer   construction  over  assignment.  Prefer
        //! preincrement.
        for (size_t it (begin); it < end; ++it)
          bazs.push_back (it);

        //! \note Prefer stl algorithms over hand written code.
        const bazs_type::const_iterator smallest
          (std::min_element (bazs.begin(), bazs.end()));

        return *smallest;

      //! \note Member variables are prefixed with an underscore.
      type _var;
      //! \note  Typedef when  using complex  types.  Fully qualify
      //! types.
      using baz_type = type_2;
      using bazs_type = std::vector<baz_type>;
      bazs_type _bazs;