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 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent e50810af2a8403cca4a7ad95969bbdc1ce25292e
+# Parent dada72d58ae2316d1182f37f4aa231ac66032053
 differences between httplib.HTTPMessage (Python 2) and http.client.HTTPMessage (Python 3)
 diff --git a/suds/transport/ b/suds/transport/
 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent 80ba1383b2c243b7a3a6f5c65e58b272d07045e5
+# Parent 38c0c17174b5765fa80864b478e9a85491146042
 diff --git a/suds/ b/suds/

File extract-version-information

 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent 1d3f237f421b64bc5ab35bb7e3ee1d47918a6a0b
+# Parent 99648b8a89bfdb3a3ef781788f97b7dd0b3434be
 Extract suds version information into a separate module.
 This change allows the script to work without having to import the
 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent d2d8b5c8116f860f008996ce437e99536e42cd08
+# Parent 7c5061ed56780f8c81797a9fcf3fea66cf7f1c53
 Split absolute and relative imports into separate import statements.
 This is needed for the lib2to3 Python 2 to 3 conversion to correctly recognize

File reply-and-reponse-as-strings

 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent 1ef279af1bd89ffac999c3243aa572ebf2d5e0b6
+# Parent e67d9afcfe1db46224a36e5425db660402d0dde1
 Fix converting binary SOAP Request & Reply data to strings.
 Request & Reply 'message' member contains binary & not unicode-string data. When
 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent a6693ad3c27bc2571ec58eaa7536b0ae59aa1e31
+# Parent efef5c2581306e04c4119b818d4d302ca7291ecc
 Use 2to3 fixers when building via ''.
 This adds a dependency on the Python 3 version of setuptools when running under
 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent d840ed290c001ec8ae13f785debe19a00a1d1c78
+# Parent 30b3e18aa37d8c7cc8202ffb37584c63fe1059f2
 use key instead of cmp function
 cmp functions for sorting are deprecated and have been dropped in Python 3.

File test environment

 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent 8bf1179dd70dcc237c8ef84f31f2587b6be475bc
+# Parent e418190328abd7d67464ea66ed9c170cc9921de3
 add py3testenv to makefile to prepare tests to be run with Python 3
 diff --git a/makefile b/makefile
 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent c1979d801291ff04598695f0c8f50af99ae8d508
+# Parent 7b1e0546c784c2e81377c47c4f372c7186196f11
 Remove usage of the deprecated module 'new'.
 The 'new' module has been deprecated since Python 2.6; the built-in function

File unexpected-setup-cwd

 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent 151245002990deb1c6013232d2aba21a0ec797dd
+# Parent 5b3cd64bddbc27b6e9d05853b6e2d9fc063b07cd
 Report an error if running from an unexpected folder.
 Setup documentation incorrectly states that it will search for packages relative
 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent bf21f4c7a703e58d39caa381517f56d9dfb8381a
+# Parent 6fbdcddb25843836769b9803b0c77e2af666cbb7
 Replace all __str__ methods by UnicodeMixin class.
 diff --git a/suds/ b/suds/
 diff --git a/suds/sax/ b/suds/sax/
 --- a/suds/sax/
 +++ b/suds/sax/
-@@ -73,8 +73,5 @@
+@@ -174,8 +174,5 @@
          return ''.join(s)

File urllib-version

 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent dacdbc5f3da8f18885fe59b332edee003db22b09
+# Parent 41c1576d5a460449c4b59449ee72f70892831dd3
 urllib/urllib2 library version data location changed between Python 2 & 3.
 We teach Python's lib2to3 urllib fixer to correctly recognize the
 # HG changeset patch
-# Parent 9b7c04909a80da1870f4995e63331661eb47b193
+# Parent e82ce4498160900648517fd7e02f005119d53ed4
 fix urllib2 importing
 2to3 is able to convert urllib2 and urllib to the new unified urllib library