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 >All software is provided with the provision that the user will assume risks of its operation. Bugs exist! Use with care and use with files that have been backed up.
-File descriptions:
+# *File descriptions:
 * ****
 * ****
 	- search flickr for images with certain tags and in certain bounding boxes
 * ****
 * **** 
-	- takes images retrieved by VARS query amd reorganizes them into folders
+	- takes images retrieved by VARS query and reorganizes them into folders
 * ****
  	- search MBARI database for dive summaries, samples, and annotations
 * ****
  	- for cleaning up concept lists downloaded from VARS
+# *Notes on installation
+To use `` under OSX, you need to install the MySQL python tools with the following packages (in order):
+ * Get the **Command Line Tools** from 
+ * Install HomeBrew by pasting this command in a Terminal window: 
+ *     `ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"`
+ * Install pip with this exact command:
+ *     `sudo easy_install pip`
+ * `brew install unixodbc`
+ * `brew install --with-unixodbc freetds`
+ * `sudo pip install pymssql` 
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