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Updated v_r_c with install commands

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 version 1.2: Flag to perform different queries at run time
 version 1.1: Parses the V2132 format. Can also take dive number w/o vehicle
   [haddock at MBARI dot org]
-Requires: pymssql module, freetds, and unixODBC (I think)
+Requires: pymssql module, freetds-dev, and unixODBC (not sure about the last one)
+# Possible installation commands for OSX : 
+#     pip install cython
+#     brew install unixodbc
+#     brew install –with-unixodbc freetds
+#     pip install pymssql
 ##! /opt/python/bin/python
 # this needs the pymssql module, which needs freetds and possibly unixODBC,