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 Settings are stored in the settings.yaml file.  They should include the name
 and access keys to your S3 bucket.
-Cropping and scaling images is a bit more computationally intensive than
-serving a text-based web page, so you may wonder what keeps Thumpy from
-buckling under the strain of increased traffic.
-First and foremost, Thumpy should not directly accept requests from the big bad
-internet.  You want a big, long-lived cache in front of Thumpy, so that it only
-serves the tiny proportion of requests that have never been requested before
-(or that are expired from the cache).  
-Even behind a CDN though, it would be possible for some joker to DoS your
-server by making lots of requests for the same image, but with different scales
-and croppings.  Thumpy combats this with the IP_THROTTLE_CAP and
-IP_THROTTLE_INTERVAL options.  Both are required if you want to enable
-throttling.  When set, Thumpy will stop serving requests from the same IP
-address if that address has exceeded more than IP_THROTTLE_CAP requests in
 Thumpy serves images using the same paths as their storage location on S3.
 Conversion parameters are specified in the query string, using an interface
-mostly-identical to `TimThumb
+inspired by `TimThumb
 <>`_.  examples:
 Scale the width to 200px, and the height proportionally::