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Demo programs for the SGI Video library for the Indigo (IRIX 4.0.5).

These are more-or-less literal translations of the C programs from the
Indigo Video Programming Guide, by Sjoerd Mullender, with some changes
by Guido.

Note that none of the example programs save any data to a file,
although this would be easy to do (e.g. individual grabbed frames
could be written as SGI image files using the imgfile module).

We have written a Python program to record live video to file (within
the limits of the Indigo video board), and a suite of programs to
manipulate and display such files.  At the moment we don't distribute
these programs, since the file format is, eh..., weird, to say the
least.  However, if you are really interested we can mail you the

Also note that we haven't tried using video *output* yet.		Live video in a resizable window		Grab still frames		Continuous capturing		Burst capturing