Steve Spigarelli committed 24793cd

updated a few pygment types to make things color more standard

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              bygroups(Keyword, Text, Keyword, Text, Keyword), 'operator'),
             (ncname + ':\*', Name, 'operator'),
-            ('\*:'+ncname, Name, 'operator'),
-            ('\*', Name, 'operator'),
+            ('\*:'+ncname, Name.Tag, 'operator'),
+            ('\*', Name.Tag, 'operator'),
             (stringdouble, String.Double, 'operator'),
             (stringsingle, String.Single, 'operator'),
             (r'(@'+qname+')', Name.Attribute),
             (r'(@'+ncname+')', Name.Attribute),
+            (r'@\*:'+ncname, Name.Attribute),
             (r'(@)', Name.Attribute),
             (r'//|/|\+|-|;|,|\(|\)', Punctuation),
             # STANDALONE QNAMES
-            (qname + r'(?=\s*[{])', Name.Variable, 'qname_braren'),
+            (qname + r'(?=\s*[{])', Name.Tag, 'qname_braren'),
             (qname + r'(?=\s*[(][^:])', Name.Function, 'qname_braren'),
-            (qname, Name.Variable, 'operator'),
+            (qname, Name.Tag, 'operator'),
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