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fixes issue #34 and issue #33

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File cutehg/

     import utils
     app = QtGui.QApplication( sys.argv )
     u = ui.ui()
-    u.updateopts(debug=False, traceback=False)
+    #u.updateopts(debug=False, traceback=False)
     path = len(sys.argv) > 1 and sys.argv[1] or os.getcwd()
     path = utils.findrepo(os.path.abspath(path))
     repo = hg.repository(u, path)

File cutehg/

 The goal here is to run mercurial commands (mostly wrapped by Commands) in a thread and have a easily
 reusable module that can be used in multiple dialogs. This way the dialogs can share a great deal of code and functionality.
+Threads are not perfect in python (far from it) but they're still simpler than IPC for this situation and it gives the desired effect
 import traceback

File cutehg/views/models/

         # read in the entire repository, updating the model every so often with a chunk of them
         row_chunk = self._initial_chunk 
         rows = []
-        for (context, (column, color), edges) in graphmod.graph(self._repository, len(self._repository), 0):
+        for (cur, type, context, (column, color), edges) in graphmod.colored(graphmod.revisions(self._repository, len(self._repository), 0)):
             item = HistoryItem(context, column, color, edges)