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cutehg / Installing



CuteHg has not been released and this section describes instructions on how to install a development version. This is a known good working revision. Please report bugs, suggestions, mockups, or anything else you would like changed in the issue tracker for this project if you'd like to see them fixed!

First grab and install cutehg from bitbucket

hg clone
cd cutehg
python build
sudo python install

Note that if you're using virtualenv, which I actually highly recommend, sudo should not be necessary for the last step.


The windows version is no longer supported as I personally do not use Windows.


Now edit your hgrc file to include cutehg as one of the extensions.

# On windows you may need to explicitly specify where the extension is:
# cutehg=C:\Python26\Lib\site-packages\cutehg
#  or
# cutehg=C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\cutehg

check out the nice dialogs!

  • hg cuteupdate or hg cup
  • hg cutepull or hg cull
  • hg cutepush or hg cush
  • hg cutehistory or hg chist
  • hg cuteannotate or hg can
  • hg cutestatus or hg cstat