Brian Neal


A Python simulation of the PURPLE cipher machine used by the Japanese Foreign Office for secure communications before and during World War 2.


Various configuration files for tools I use.


My repository for working through the exercises of Allen Downey's Think Complexity book.


A historically accurate M-209 encryption device simulator written in Python 3.


This is a C++11 port of my Python Enigma Machine library (Py-Enigma). It was written for high performance situations like ciphertext-only attacks involving hill-climbing, etc. The design and API are very similar to Py-Enigma.

fructose_gen is a Python script that auto-generates the main() function when working with the Fructose C++ testing framework.


This is the repository for a presentation I am giving at work: "Introduction to Distributed Version Control with Mercurial". The presentation is made with the landslide slideshow generator. I use reStructuredText for the markup.

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