HTTPS SSH ================ This is the software behind bravenewsurf.com_, a Django_ powered website. See the file LICENSE for licensing information. The software is Copyright (C) 2011 by: * Bob Mourlam <> * Brian Neal <> * Chris Ridgway <> Artwork and photos are copyrighted by their creators and are used by permission. Contact `Double Crown Records`_ for permissions and licensing information. The Future Bugler font is licensed from MyFonts_. See the file css/fonts/future_bugler.css for licensing information. In addition to Django, we rely on some other 3rd party Javascript and CSS tools. We include some of these packages in this repository for convenience. * Bootstrap_ * jQuery_ * bxSlider_ * jPlayer_ * fancybox_ * TinyMCE_ .. .. _Django: .. _Bootstrap: .. _jQuery: .. _bxSlider: .. _jPlayer: .. _FancyBox: .. _TinyMCE: .. _Double Crown Records: .. _MyFonts: