Welcome to odelia-remote-reveal project!

This project is a porting of the code described in Smartphone Remote Control with Node.js and tutorial, but by using Vert.x framework with JavaScript and Groovy (for the server part) languages. So, I would like to give a lot of kudos to article's author Nick Anastasov!

In addition, Gradle and the excellent Vert.x Gradle Plugin are used to build the project.

See odelia-remote-reveal in action here.

Building and running

To build/run odelia-remote-reveal with Gradle, just execute this command from the project folder:

vertx runMod

After that, you can use multiple Internet browser instances to access the Reveal.js presentation on http://localhost:8080/.

Develoment notes

  • I decided to keep the code as closest as possible to the original code.
  • You will note that even the event rmreveal.access is published, only the peer that submitted the correct password will control the other remote presentations.