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TiddlyWikiFX 0.2.0

TiddlyWikiFX is a JavaFX application that permits to run TiddlyWikis inside a desktop JavaFX application, using a JavaFX WebView component. The benefit is to have a more integrated solution whereby you can have more control on content, e.g. the way content is loaded or saved.

An installer for Windows, TiddlyWikiFX-0.2.0.exe, is available in the Downloads section.


TiddlyWikiFX is actually built with Gradle and the JDK 1.8, and has the following dependencies: Adam Bien's afterburner.fx MVP framework, Groovy, and ControlsFX.

To run quickly TiddlyWikiFX from the command line with Gradle, just type: gradlew run.

Tests were made on a TiddlyWiki HTML page in version 2.8.1, and also with a recent TiddlyWiki 5 version.

Application development overview

TiddlyWikiFX is a JavaFX application based on the excellent afterburner.fx framework; its main view is defined in the com.odelia.tiddlywikifx.presentation.tiddlywiki package. It contains especially a FXML view file, tiddlywiki.fml, that defines a main menu and a WebView component that will our web browser for TiddlyWikis.

We also have the file that is the Presenter for the view. The corresponding POJO is created when the view itself is created with its components; at this time, the WebView component reference is injected in the TiddlyWikiPresenter's webView member instance, thanks to the @FXML annotation.

We can find another annotation in TiddlyWikiPresenter's class: @Inject, that permits to inject a new fresh TiddlyWiki instance, at the time the presenter is created. com.odelia.tiddlywikifx.presentation.tiddlywiki.TiddlyWiki is the name of the Groovy class that has all the interesting stuff.