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# -*- encoding: UTF-8 -*-
# Form based authentication for CherryPy. Requires the
# Session tool to be loaded. Most of this is stolen
# from the wiki

import cherrypy
import urllib

from model import User, Base
from sqlalchemy import and_
from Cheetah.Template import Template

def SqlSession():

SESSION_KEY = '_cp_username'

def check_credentials(username, password):
    """Verifies credentials for username and password.
    Returns None on success or a string describing the error on failure"""
    # Adapt to your needs
    sqlsession = SqlSession()
    user = sqlsession.query(User).filter(and_(, User.password==password)).first()
    if user:
        return None
        return u"Incorrect username or password."
def check_auth(*args, **kwargs):
    """A tool that looks in config for 'auth.require'. If found and it
    is not None, a login is required and the entry is evaluated as a list of
    conditions that the user must fulfill"""
    conditions = cherrypy.request.config.get('auth.require', None)
    get_params = urllib.quote(cherrypy.request.request_line.split()[1])
    if conditions is not None:
        username = cherrypy.session.get(SESSION_KEY)
        if username:
            cherrypy.request.login = username
            for condition in conditions:
                # A condition is just a callable that returns true or false
                if not condition():
                    raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect("/auth/login?from_page%s" 
                        % get_params)
            raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect("/auth/login?from_page=%s" % get_params) = cherrypy.Tool('before_handler', check_auth)

def require(*conditions):
    """A decorator that appends conditions to the auth.require config
    def decorate(f):
        if not hasattr(f, '_cp_config'):
            f._cp_config = dict()
        if 'auth.require' not in f._cp_config:
            f._cp_config['auth.require'] = []
        return f
    return decorate

# Conditions are callables that return True
# if the user fulfills the conditions they define, False otherwise
# They can access the current username as cherrypy.request.login
# Define those at will however suits the application.

def member_of(groupname):
    def check():
        # replace with actual check if <username> is in <groupname>
        return cherrypy.request.login == 'joe' and groupname == 'admin'
    return check

def name_is(reqd_username):
    return lambda: reqd_username == cherrypy.request.login

# These might be handy

def any_of(*conditions):
    """Returns True if any of the conditions match"""
    def check():
        for c in conditions:
            if c():
                return True
        return False
    return check

# By default all conditions are required, but this might still be
# needed if you want to use it inside of an any_of(...) condition
def all_of(*conditions):
    """Returns True if all of the conditions match"""
    def check():
        for c in conditions:
            if not c():
                return False
        return True
    return check

# Controller to provide login and logout actions

class AuthController(object):
    def on_login(self, username):
        """Called on successful login"""
        sqlsession = SqlSession()
        user = sqlsession.query(User).filter(
    def on_logout(self, username):
        """Called on logout"""
    def get_loginform(self, username, msg="Enter login information", 
        template = tmpldir + "/auth.tmpl"
        page = Template(file=template)

        page.auth_msg = msg
        page.username = username
        page.frompage = from_page

        return unicode(page)
    def login(self, username=None, password=None, from_page="/"):
        if username is None or password is None:
            return self.get_loginform("", from_page=from_page)
        error_msg = check_credentials(username, password)
        if error_msg:
            return self.get_loginform(username, error_msg, from_page)
            cherrypy.session[SESSION_KEY] = cherrypy.request.login = username
            raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect(from_page or "/")
    def logout(self, from_page="/"):
        sess = cherrypy.session
        username = sess.get(SESSION_KEY, None)
        sess[SESSION_KEY] = None
        if username:
            cherrypy.request.login = None
        raise cherrypy.HTTPRedirect(from_page or "/")