BibSonomy CKAN

The BibSonomy CKAN extension connects CKAN to the BibSonomy database.

How to install

Prerequisite of the BibSonomy CKAN extension is, indeed, a working source install of CKAN on your system. If you haven't installed CKAN yet you may visit Installing CKAN from source first.

  1. Navigate to your desired source folder to install the extension into (e.g. ckan/default/src);
  2. create a new folder ckanext-bibsonomy (sic!) and clone the BibSonomy CKAN repository into;
  3. activate your CKAN virtual environment and install the BibSonomy CKAN extension via python ckanext-bibsonomy/ develop;
  4. enable the BibSonomy CKAN plug-in by adding it to the list plug-ins in your CKAN config file:
ckan.plugins = [...] bibsonomy_connector

Run CKAN. You're done!