BibSonomy Scholar

This is a Google Chrome extension tightly integrates BibSonomy into your browser. Currently it features a powerful button for direct bookmarking as well as managing publications on Google Scholar. It can be installed via the Chrome Web Store (


Current Features

  • BibSonomy button
    • tag autocompletion
    • indicating if the URL has already been posted or not
    • quick bookmark via keyboard shortcut (CTRL+B)
    • post, update and delete bookmarks with title, tags and description
    • Markdown support for descriptions
  • Google Scholar
    • inidicators
      • indicating which publications you have already posted on BibSonomy (blue background)
      • indicating your own posted publications (green background)
    • posting
      • posting and tagging publication without being redirected to BibSonomy (post button)
      • posting automatically tries to add a PDF if it exists
    • editing
      • link for editing posted publication on BibSonomy (pen button)
      • adding PDF to a posted publication (empty document button)
      • deleting a publication (cross button)
    • access
      • link to posted publication on BibSonomy (BibSonomy button)
      • search unknown publication on BibSonomy (BibSonomy button)
      • direct link to posted PDF (filled document button)


If you find issues or have suggestions please file a report here:

Who to talk to

  • Martin Becker (