Batch application and adminpanel for managing, monitoring, scheduling and processing batch jobs. In future the application should replace the old batch-scripts which are implemented in perl and combine them in one java application. This project is in development!

Used frameworks:

  • Spring Batch / Spring Batch Admin
  • Quartz
  • MyBatis


  • At first download the maven project.
  • You need a setuped bibsonomy database. You can find the schema under bibsonomy/bibsonomy-database or you can use your own database.
  • You need another database for the application.
  • After you setuped the databases you have to edit the configuration files under src/main/resources. You have to add in the mybatis-master-config.xml and mybatis-slave-config.xml the connection to the database.
  • In you add the other database configuration. It is important that you set on true for the first run or you will get an error. This setups the tables in the database. After the first run you can set on false or it will always clear the database. This flag is important to save the data of the application permanently.

How to run

  • Run mvn clear and mvn install to compile the project. This will generate SpringBatchAdmin.war. With a Tomcat Server (or what you want) you can deploy this artifact.
  • Open the website. For example: http://localhost:8080/jobs
  • In the jobs list or in the quartz list you can run the jobs.

Add new batch jobs

Currently are only two jobs ( and implemented from:

If you want to add new jobs in java you have to add it first in the class de.unihannover.weblab.job.JobConfiguration. You have to implement a new bean with the new job name and the associated method which return the job. This can be like:

    @Bean (name = "tagTagMasterslaveJob")
    public Job tagTagMasterslaveJob() {

        TagTagMasterslaveTasklet task = new TagTagMasterslaveTasklet();
        Step popularMasterslaveJobStep = steps.get("tagTagMasterslaveJobStep")


You have to implement a tasklet and a incrementer for the job. You can do it in the package de.unihannover.weblab.tasks. The tasklet processes the statements to database and the incrementer processes the job parameter.