bibsonomy-tools =============== Tools for BibSonomy: - [DocumentDownloader]( download all documents from your user account (a restriction by tag(s) is possible) - [UrlListScraper]( Reads a list of URLs and tries to gather publication metadata from them using BibSonomy's screen scrapers. compiling --------- You need Mercurial, Java and Maven to download and compile the code. Then you can do: ```shell hg clone ssh:// cd bibsonomy-tools mvn install ``` You can find the compiled JAR file in the `target` folder. running ------- You can run, e.g., the `UrlListScraper` by ```shell java -cp target/bibsonomy-tools-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar ``` It is then waiting for input from standard in. Entering a URL like causes it to get the web site, extract the metadata and print the resulting BibTeX. licensing --------- Please see the file [LICENSE.txt]( homepage -------- [](